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Telefon: 22 96 01 00 - E-post: post@lo-oslo.no

LO i Oslo er LOs lokale avdeling og bistår LO-medlemmer og fagforeninger i Oslo. 115 fagforeninger med 105.000 medlemmer er tilknyttet LO i Oslo.


25. november:

Representantskapsmøte kl. 17:00 i Norges Røde Kors konferansesenter.

27. november:

Redd Ullevål sykehus! Fakkeltog fra Jernbanetorget kl. 16:30 til Stortinget hvor det blir markering med appeller kl. 16:45.

LO in Oslo's Documents in English

Here you will find some of LO in Oslo's documents translated into English. We will further translate and publish our documents when time allows.

About LO in Oslo

This document contains information on LO in Oslo's organisational structure and its responsibilities.

You will find About LO in Oslo here.

Mandate For the Commitees in LO in Oslo

LO in Oslo has three working committees, Interntional Committee, Cultural Committee and Committee for Industrial Policy, Environment and City Planning.

You will find mandates for LO in Oslo's committees here.

Presentation Made by The Leader LO in Oslo, Roy Pedersen, at the North Eureopean City Capital Conference 2015

Roy pedersen presented The Nordic Model and asked if it will survive and why Norway have managed to maintain a social model to a greater extent than EU. He outlined the causes for the deterioration and the challenges to the Nordic Model. He also suggested the road foreward for the Trade Union

You will find Roy Pedersen's presentation here.