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LO i Oslo er LOs lokale avdeling og bistår LO-medlemmer og fagforeninger i Oslo. 115 fagforeninger med 105.000 medlemmer er tilknyttet LO i Oslo.


25. mars:

Årsmøte i LO i Oslo kl. 17:00, Norges Røde Kors konferansesenter, Hausmanns gate 7.

4. april:

Fredsmarkering foran Stortinget kl. 17:00.

5. april:

Faglig EØS-konferanse på Kulturhuset kl. 09:00 – 15:30.

6. april:

Arbeidermakt gjennom kunnskap og aktivisme - en kursrekke for unge tillitsvalgte, dag 2: Klasse og kultur ved Karl Ruben Gaasø. Mat fra kl. 13:00 og kursstart kl. 14:00 hos LO i Oslo, Møllergata 24.

MAY 1st 2018 IN OSLO

Picture from 1st of May in Oslo, Youngstorget 2016.

May 1st 2018 In Oslo

The May 1st in Oslo is celebrated in various ways. Celebrations actually start the night before, on April 30th, with a singalong event at which labour songs are sung. Traditionally there is a large turnout.

The day itself starts with events at three memorials to commemorate the fallen in The Spanish Civil War and two Norwegian Communist Resistance Groups which operated during the Second World War.

The main event of the day starts with a gathering on Oslo’s Red Square, Youngstorget and a Parade. The gathering kicks off around 11.30 with a brass band playing. There are appeals and speeches by the Labour Party’s Youth Organisation (AUF) and others (see below). There is always a singalong session lead by Oslo Socialist Choir where “The Internationale” is sung. The following speakers are invited to speak at the Square before the Parade starts: The Confederation of Labour’s (LO) President, Hans Christian Gabrielsen, Head of the Alliance for the Welfare State, Linn Herning, and Head of Oslo City Government, Raymond Johansen. As international speaker, Giorgos Archontopoulos, Trade Union Activist from Thessaloniki, is invited.

The Mai 1st Parade leaves the Square at approximately 12.45 and advances through the city centre of Oslo via the main street, Karl Johans gate. In the parade everyone is welcome, and the parade is made up by a variety of Trade Unions, organisations, NGOs and left wing and green political parties. People and groups participating can bring their own slogans, as long as they are not contradictory to the main slogans decided on by LO in Oslo’s Board of Representatives. (see below) Last year 9200 people participated. This was an increase by nearly 2000 from 2016.

The main slogans for the 1st of May parade adopted at LO in Oslo's Board of Representative Meeting on 26 February 2018:

Our Demands and Our Opinion May 1st 2018

• Community Works - Stop Welfare Profiteers

• Fight Right Wing Politics - Stop The Attacks from KS, Spekter, Virke and NHO (the employers’ organisations)

• Fair Reorganisation – 100,000 New Green Jobs

• Support the Red-Green City Government

• Prohibit the Staffing Industry on Construction Sites in the Oslo Fjord Region

• Yes To Democracy and Fair Trade - No To the EEA and TISA

• Fight Profiteers in Housing - Build Non-Commercial Housing

• Share the Work - We Demand 6 Hour Days/30 Hour Weeks

• Close the Gaps in AFP – Stop the Pension Robbery in Public Sector (AFP = Early Retirement Scheme)

• #ikketilforhandling – Stop Assaults and Sexual Harassment (#nonnegotiable)

• Recognize Palestine - Boycott Israel

• Solidarity with Greece - Delete the Debt